About Advance

The employee is the most important capital asset for an employer. This requires careful handling. For both employer and employee, it is important that employees remain healthy, enthusiastic and vital. The employer has a facilitating duty. Both in preventing dropout. If (as soon as possible) again participate in the labor process. Of course, the employee also has his own responsibility.

Two experiences worlds
Employers and employees are not always aware of this. It requires the good linking of both experiences worlds. Think of a good process, open communication and careful guidance and execution.

Reduce costs
Advance is the service provider in the field of (the consequences of) absenteeism and occupational disability. Our goal is to minimize the unnecessary costs for employers regarding this topic. At the same time we realize an optimal commitment, enthusiasm and satisfaction of the employee.

We support the employer both at organizational level and in the implementation for individual personal files. We do all this with a heart for the person behind the sick employee. And with knowledge of both public and private schemes. To keep the financial risks as limited as possible.

Accompanying prevention, absenteeism and reintegration
Our starting point is that the employer arranges everything to prevent dropout among employees (prevention). If non-performance occurs, the employer must be able to supervise the absence. And re-integrate the employee as optimally as possible. Advance helps you in all these areas.

Please contact us for more information or if you need any help.

Our services

Organizational and policy advice

Advice on prevention, absenteeism and incapacity for work.

Bezwaar- en beroepszaken UWV

De werkgever helpen bij het voeren van individuele bezwaar- en beroepszaken tegen beslissingen van het UWV.

File advice and guidance

Support employers in the field of absenteeism.

Disease Law- and WIA casemanagement

Support employers in the field of occupational disability.

Market research labor services

Support employers in purchasing occupational health services.


Training on Social Security.