Our cooperation

Advance supports and supervises its relations and the associated (former) employees as well as possible. We attach great importance to the quality and the assurance of our services. Are you satisfied and would you like to let us know? Or do you have a tip? Or maybe you are dissatisfied with our services? Or do you want to know which personal data we have registered?

Advance has a way of making your (un) satisfaction known. We like to hear how satisfied you are with us. And what improvement tips you have. We see discontent reporting or a complaint as opportunities to continually improve our services. You can leave your feedback via our contact form. We would love to hear from you!

Procedure for insight
Persons whose data are processed by Advance can, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, obtain insight into the data and, if necessary, request that these data be modified. Advance has set up a viewing procedure for this.

In order to guarantee privacy and to comply with our legal obligations, only requests submitted in writing will be processed. Advance can not provide any information about the registered data by telephone.

The person can send this request to Advance in writing, with a copy of his proof of identity and full address details, to:

  • Our postal address:
    T.a.v. Afdeling Inzageverzoeken
    PO Box 353
    2800 AJ GOUDA, The Netherlands
  • Or send een email to

We do our best to send you a written response within 5 working days.


Our services

Organizational and policy advice

Advice on prevention, absenteeism and incapacity for work.

Bezwaar- en beroepszaken UWV

De werkgever helpen bij het voeren van individuele bezwaar- en beroepszaken tegen beslissingen van het UWV.

File advice and guidance

Support employers in the field of absenteeism.

Disease Law- and WIA casemanagement

Support employers in the field of occupational disability.

Market research labor services

Support employers in purchasing occupational health services.


Training on Social Security.