Privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to Advance. If you have questions or comments about this statement, please contact Advance.

Advance takes privacy seriously. The following principles underlie the way we respect your privacy:

  • We value the trust you place in us by providing us with personal information. We will always use this personal information in a fair way that does justice to the trust you place in us. We work in accordance with the purpose relationship. We only process data for explicit and legitimate purposes.
  • You are entitled to clear information about how we use personal data. We will always communicate with you transparently about what information we collect, what we do with it, with whom we share the information and with whom you can contact if you have any concerns. We work in accordance with the data minimization. We do not process more personal data than necessary.
  • We will take all reasonable steps to protect your information against misuse and to protect it. To this end, we provide appropriate security by taking technical and organizational measures to secure the processing.
  • We will comply with all applicable data protection and regulatory laws and we will work with the relevant authorities. In cases not covered by data protection legislation, we will act in accordance with generally accepted principles for data protection. We work in accordance with the legal basis.

Protection and security of personal data is of great importance to Advance. That is why we have taken measures of a technical and organizational nature. This way we protect ourselves against loss of personal data and against unauthorized processing thereof.

Our mission is to financially advance and protect every organization in the Netherlands and its employees. Through reliable and expert advice in a pleasant, compassionate, independent and refreshing way. We use personal data. We are aware of the sensitivity of the information we work with. That is why we demonstrably and carefully handle personal data. We monitor privacy as well as the security and maintenance of your data. Advance processes the (personal) data of its own employees, employees of clients, employees included on policies of commissioning insurers, chain partners and suppliers. We do this confidentially and carefully, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Customers can rest assured that privacy and safety have priority at Advance. Monitoring the confidentiality of communication has always been a spearhead. In the current digital era we feel involved in everything that has to do with these topics. We are transparent about what we do with the data of our customers, and why. The Privacy Statement is a hard agreement with our customers, which we adhere to.

Constant technological developments affect privacy and security. The ambition of Advance is to keep the interests and wishes of the customer at the forefront. Where customers have their own responsibility, we help them with products, services and information. In case of an illegal breakthrough of the security of our systems, we will do everything we can to secure data.

Questions, comments or reports regarding privacy can be directed to:

Version: May 2018

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Bezwaar- en beroepszaken UWV

De werkgever helpen bij het voeren van individuele bezwaar- en beroepszaken tegen beslissingen van het UWV.

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Support employers in the field of absenteeism.

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Support employers in the field of occupational disability.

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