Organizational and policy advice

The laws and regulations concerning absenteeism and occupational disability are complex and continuously subject to change. Financing and risks relating to social security also increasingly come to lie with the employer and employee.
One consequence is that employers increasingly pay the bill for their own damage. As a result, the employer also has the opportunity to positively influence this account.

Making policy
The basis is an up-to-date policy with regard to absenteeism prevention, counseling and reintegration. During the employment. But also after inflow into the Sickness Benefits Act or WIA. Part of this policy is good management information. And a clear and complete communication of the protocol and the processes towards the employees.

When formulating, implementing and implementing the policy, various issues are discussed in which we help employers. Our starting point is that once the ship is on course, we will leave the ship. So you can continue independently. If necessary or desired, we are always in the neighborhood to assist you (temporarily).

Arrange processes
The employer is confronted in many ways with the formulation and adjustment of processes concerning administration and communication in the field of absenteeism and occupational disability.

We support the employer in realizing these matters. For example, by using labor and organizational experts, we help the employer in a practical way with advice and action.

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Organizational and policy advice

Advice on prevention, absenteeism and incapacity for work.

Bezwaar- en beroepszaken UWV

De werkgever helpen bij het voeren van individuele bezwaar- en beroepszaken tegen beslissingen van het UWV.

File advice and guidance

Support employers in the field of absenteeism.

Disease Law- and WIA casemanagement

Support employers in the field of occupational disability.

Market research labor services

Support employers in purchasing occupational health services.


Training on Social Security.