26th and 44th week reviews

Absenteeism is higher on the agenda at most employers. By the realization that the financial and human interests are great.

Surprised by UWV
Yet many employers are still regularly surprised after UWV has issued a Gatekeeper test, expert opinion or other decision. The employer is then firmly convinced that he has guided the sick employee in the most careful and humane way. But despite that, it is faced with a wage penalty. Or another unexpected decision.

Avoid costs
We help to keep these surprises to a minimum. By analyzing the progress at two moments in the Gatekeeper process. And to advise the employer on this basis.

In practice, these screenings have prevented many pay sanctions and WIA inflows. And therefore unnecessary costs for the employer. It is no coincidence that many insurers have included this screening as an obligation in their conditions.

26th week assessment
This is a good time to make a first analysis. A large part of the Gatekeeper obligations must have been implemented in the meantime. And the absence and reintegration support is also in full swing.

But is the focus on the right solution?
Is this not too much focused on returning to one's own work, instead of pre-sorting on the second track in time?
Is the file in order?
Does the approach correspond to what UWV expects from the employer and employee?
In short, a first analysis to be able to adjust the guidance in time. With this approach, many pay sanctions and unnecessary WIA files are prevented in practice.

44th week assessment
The guidance is already in full swing and the first annual evaluation is approaching. In the case of Sickness Act files, the first-year assessment by UWV is approaching. In short, an important moment in the process towards WIA is approaching. It is important that the file is in order.

The 44th-week evaluation is the means to have an independent third party make a screening of the file. And in consultation with the case manager, possibly to adjust the process, complete the file, etc.

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