Guidance on WIA request

The trajectory to a WIA benefit is complicated and difficult. This is difficult to imagine if you as an employer have not had to deal with this before. But ask an experience expert. Then you hear through which an insecure, frustrating and complicated process a long-term sick employee has to go.

Complicated regulations
This already starts with the complicated regulations. It is so difficult that the many insurance and personnel advisers can not sufficiently support the employer and employee.

Administrative cycle
In addition, the employee must pass a long line of 'experts'. And always tell the same story. There is a huge mountain of forms to fill out. And this also has to be done in time, because otherwise sanctions will follow. The delivery of the information often has to be done via the internet. That is not easy for everyone. Appointments are made, but just as easily resisted. The sick employee is a plaything of the authorities and often no more than a file number.

And that in a situation where the employee involved certainly does not feel in the power of his life!

Push in the back
The employer often has insufficient time and knowledge to properly assist the employee in this difficult process. While the will to do this is present.

We support the employer and the employee with this. Our specialists know the law and regulations like no other. And also know how the (administrative) processes run at UWV and occupational health and safety services. They can take over the guidance.

The employer and employee do not need to worry about this part of the process.

Do you want to know more about this solution? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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