Objection and appeal

Despite prevention and absence counseling activities, employers are faced with long-term absenteeism with some employees. And that the WIA comes into view.

Objection UWV
The WIA application is submitted to the UWV. A decision follows in the form of a decision. It often happens that an employer disagrees with the decision of UWV. The employer wants to object to this.

Proper substantiation of the objection to be filed increases the chance of success. This substantiation requires a number of requirements. For example, clarity about an objection on medical grounds. Or for labor expert / legal reasons. Or a combination of these.

Before you submit the real objection, it is important that you have the necessary documents on which the UWV came to a decision. That is why timely submission of a pro forma objection is important. And this objection also requires a substantiation.

Profession UWV
By engaging a professional you increase the chance of a successful objection considerably. We speak the language of UWV and professional bodies. But it is not just a matter of objection. This can also be rejected. While you believe that you are really in the right. In that case, you can go to Occupation. And later even higher professional appeal. These legal procedures are very complicated. And asks for the support of a professional. We also assist employers in these processes.

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