Risk analyzes regarding M&A

In the business world, many business units or entire companies are sold and sold to other companies.

Insurable risks in mergers and acquisitions
When buying and selling companies, an entrepreneur engages various advisers. With the aim of mapping out the risks. And to limit financial risks. However, insurable risks are often only considered after the signatures have been made.

Imputation risk
In mergers and acquisitions, at least one aspect is often underexposed: the allocation risk of sick and incapacitated (former) employees.
These allocations do not have to relate to the business unit that is taken over. It can come from an entirely different part of the selling party.

For example, an employer in Delfzijl takes over a part of a large payroll tax number. In principle, the employer will then be allocated pro rata the benefit burden of the entire acquirer. So also the benefit of another business unit of the selling party in Kerkrade. This allocation unexpectedly confronts the acquiring party with an additional cost item. Increasing to hundreds of thousands of euros.

The regulations regarding allocation for mergers and acquisitions are very complicated. We help you to estimate the imputation risks. And taking care of an analysis.
It is important here that the necessary information is available in time for the decision date. Another possibility is that we help you to make a reservation of any risks.

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